Jul 20, 2015

Silver Trak Digital Offer Subtitling Services With Screen Systems Solutions

Supplied by Quinto Communications

Sydney-based broadcast services facility Silver Trak Digital have recently upgraded and expanded their offering to now include a comprehensive set of subtitling services using subtitling software solutions from Screen Systems supplied by Quinto.

Silver Trak’s new subtitling offering comes in two parts. In the first instance Silver Trak has deployed Screen Systems’ Mediamate, the highly acclaimed system that provides powerful capabilities for both the extraction of subtitles contained in video files such as broadcast MXF files and also for the insertion of subtitles from a separately authored subtitle file into video files such as broadcast MXF files. Mediamate has already helped Silver Trak with a significant job from a large international customer who required them to ingest a large number of tapes and to create from them both a separate video and audio file and a separate caption file. After the video tapes containing captioned video were ingested into the Silver Trak workflow Mediamate was used to extract the subtitles from these video files to produce the separate subtitle files that the client required.

The second part of Silver Trak’s offering involves their new Screen Systems WinCaps Quantum subtitling workstation software which gives them the ability to author subtitles from programmes from scratch and to perform subtitle quality control checks for their clients. WinCaps Quantum fundamentally supports the work Silver Trak does for Netflix in its role as one of only two Netflix Preferred Vendors in Australia.

Silver Trak Subtitle Preparation and QC

Silver Trak Subtitle Preparation and QC

Silver Trak also provides a wide range of services to broadcasters, Internet, video on demand content providers and other video content publishers. Their diverse range of video content processing services include video tape to broadcast video file transfers, broadcast file to broadcast file transcodes and broadcast quality frame rate standards conversions, the creation of internet video on demand assets and the authoring of DVD and BluRay content.