Having value locked up in old formats doesn’t need to be an on-going problem. Silver Trak Digital has the most experienced and largest commercial digitisation facility in Australia with capabilities to convert almost any format film or tape into glorious digital content.

With a lifetime of experience and the technical equipment to back them up our DAMsmart team can bring back to life production content that technology has passed by. Whether re-releasing an historical feature, embedding classic footage into a new production or simply rejuvenating for nostalgia reasons DAMsmart can give you the opportunity to monetise or simply re-live the passion.

The equipment and the expertise necessary to operate it is available now, but how long will it continue is an ever-diminishing proposition. With an estimated 40% of archival content being lost for ever our history, YOUR history must be preserved. Silver Trak Digital’s DAMsmart services are the single step between visually supported history and the otherwise forgotten stories of the past.

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