Jul 16, 2015

Silver Trak Digital joins Scenarist UHDG


First Australian World-­Class Production Facility To Deliver Ultra HD Blu-ray

NOVATO, California (July 14, 2015) -­ Scenarist, LLC, the developer of Hollywood-­standard professional Blu-­ray Disc authoring systems based in Marin County, California, announced today that Silver Trak Digital, a major production facility in Sydney, Australia has joined Scenarist’s UHDG focus group and is poised to deliver the country’s first Ultra HD Blu-ray titles in thrilling ultra high definition and high dynamic range this year.

The UHDG is a global discussion group of high-­end production and authoring facilities, technology companies and service providers who are actively participating in the launch of the Ultra HD Blu-­ray format. Participating members, including Q-­Tec, DTS, Craigman Digital, ATEME, Philips, Deluxe, Dolby, GLS Studios, D-­Studio Services, and MediaL, have access to Scenarist’s alpha and betae stage UHDe BD tools so they can gain authoring  experience in the new format, provide workflow feedback to Scenarist, and prepare the first titles for launch this year.

“Blu-ray Disc is a proven consumer format that our clients can rely on for quality and consistent performance. Ultra HD Blu-­ray adds amazing image quality and consistent performance, and we anticipate high demand for the new capabilities as more and more homes become adopt 4K TVs this year,” said Tim Creswell, founding partner at Silver Trak Digital in Sydney. “We’ve relied on Scenarist for over a dozen years and hundreds upon hundreds of titles released, and we are eager to participate in the UHDG and bring Ultra HD to Australia. Ultra HD Blu-­ray is similar to Blu-­ray Disc format but with twice the image resolution and frame rate, a greatly expanded color brilliance, and immersive audio that combine to deliver a thrilling in-­home theatre experience.

Ultra HD Blu-­ray players and titles will be the perfect combination with a 4K/HDR TV available for Christmas 2015. “We are delighted that Silver Trak Digital has joined the UHDG focus group on Ultra HD Blu-­ray Disc,” said Chris Neely, managing partner at Scenarist, LLC. “Their 30 years experience at delivering premier content for broadcast to air, streamed online, and released on-­disc will greatly contribute to the group discussion and help ensure the successful launch of Ultra HD Blu-­ray in the Australian market.”

UHDG members are already creating test titles with early versions of Scenarist UHD. With each new release, Scenarist meets with each UHDG member to solicit feedback, provide key information, updates and training.

About Scenarist, LLC

Scenarist, LLC, located in Marin County, California, is the world’s leading developer of professional authoring technology. Scenarist products enable major motion picture companies, high-­end authoring facilities, producers and independent content holders to release titles on physical media formats such as DVD-­Video and Blu-­ray Disc. The company’s core products, Scenarist SD and Scenarist BD, have been the Hollywood-­standard since 1995 because they provide unparalleled access to format parameters and enable the ultimate level of authoring creativity for Hollywood’s most demanding titles. Today, the vast majority of DVDs and BDs have been released using Scenarist authoring systems. Scenarist is a Contributor Member of the Blu-­ray Disc Association. In 2014, the Blu-­ray Disc Association announced new extensions for the Blu-­ray format that include support for 4K/HDR video, immersive audio and new features such as Digital Bridge, the ability to legitimately export movie contents in full resolution on to other electronic devices. In April 2015 Scenarist launched the UHDG, a focus group of high-­end authoring facilities, technology developers and service providers that will work with Scenarist during the critical development phases of its new authoring tools for Ultra HD Blu-­ray. Scenarist and the Scenarist logo are registered trademarks in the United States and other territories, all rights reserved. Contact Scenarist online at www.scenarist.com or via email at info@scenarist.com.

About Silver Trak Digital

Silver Trak Digital has been providing a wide range of services to broadcasters, Internet, video on demand content providers and other video content publishers since 1985. As one of Australia’s premiere authoring houses, Silver Trak Digital has authored thousands of DVDs and Blu-­ray Disc titles in the past decade. Silver Trak Digital also delivers a diverse range of video content processing services including videotape to broadcast video file transfers, broadcast file to broadcast file transcodes and broadcast quality frame rate standards conversions. Media Room is Silver Trak Digital’s “smart media management” software utilized throughout Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Media Room addresses the specific needs of any broadcaster, production house, post production house or distributor who has media assets they want to store, manage and deliver from the convenience of any web connected device. Contact Silver Trak Digital online at www.silvertrak.com.au