Jun 11, 2020

Silver Trak Digital expands MediaTrak workflow solution

SYDNEY, 11 June 2020 – In addition to acquiring new businesses in Australia and the Asia Pacific region and launching new offices in Malaysia, Silver Trak Digital has also been busy expanding its unique MediaTrak workflow management solution.

MediaTrak dashboard

Silver Trak Digital Cinema Manager Kylie Longworth explained, “As Silver Trak continues to grow rapidly, we need a business tool that communicated and tracked all work being completed for many services. One need was to increase the capacity of production and in turn the efficiency of client services resources and communication. The second need was to provide production technicians with a clear communication tool that also generates production elements. The third need was to have an overview of the current workload and visibility of resource distribution. The solution tool to handle all of this was MediaTrak.”

Kylie Longworth

MediaTrak collects a range of information for Silver Trak and turns it into a day to day manager for staff and equipment resources, client portal for complete visibility as well a database of IP for the services that Silver Trak has to offer. 

QC report

Longworth continued, “With a background in web development and years of Blu-ray and DVD user interface design and navigation creation, we have created in MediaTrak a simple and effective user interface that is very easy to use. The adaptability for the client and services we need to cover in the platform also allows the system to grow as our technology does.”

MediaTrak is a cloud-based web interface that updates in real-time. As a media technician or supplier updates a status against a service, the client can see its progress.

Longworth added, “We now have a range of clients and suppliers using the MediaTrak platform across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. With many clients and suppliers on a range of time zones, the ease of checking status and progress of the work being completed by Silver Trak has never been easier. The smart layout and unique services MediaTrak provides allow us to easily create a one-stop-shop platform and ordering system.”

Silver Trak Digital offers a simplified online services management portal through the easily customised MediaTrak solution. Users can now place an order for any number of services, track the order’s progress and watch it successfully be delivered to a variety of broadcast and distribution outputs all via this effective and efficient tool.

MediaTrak works in parallel to Silver Trak’s highly-acclaimed Media Room, one of the most advanced asset management solutions available as a SaaS platform, to ensure every piece of content including film, TV and music masters, trailers, graphics, photos, metadata, captioning, subtitles and audio streams are digitally archived in one place keeping tracking and access simple and secure.

Kylie Longworth concluded, “MediaTrak gives users immediate access to a full-service, production facility. From complex UHD, Blu-ray and DVD design and authoring, QC to transfers, conversions, edits and broadcast delivery all under one roof. With all of our platforms we ensure our clients get complete transparency, what they want when they want it and great service from an expert team. MediaTrak has an easy-to-use web-interface that makes ordering and delivering content a breeze, saving time and eliminating margin for error. Then, by storing content in Media Room, users have completely futureproofed their content solution for their library.”

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MediaTrak screen grabs
Silver Trak Digital Cinema Manager Kylie Longworth