Harding Flash Pattern Analysis

Flash Pattern Analysis (FPA) is often referred to as a Harding Test and is a test we perform via the Harding FPA.

FPA is currently required by broadcasters who adhere to strict Photo Sensitive Epilepsy guidelines (PSE)

Basically, flickering or intermittent images and certain types of regular patterns can cause problems for some viewers who are prone to the medical condition PSE.

Currently, all UK and Japanese broadcasters adhere to PSE guidelines and more broadcasters, distributors (eg Disney) are requiring program delivery, to be accompanied by both a technical assessment and an FPA certificate that indicates that the program content has passed FPA.

Note: No Australian broadcasters currently adhere to PSE guidelines but are expected to follow the current ITU Ofcom UK guidelines in the near future, as they did with the Loudness compliance specification.

Please call your Silver Trak Digital representative to book in your Flash Pattern Analysis.

Further information with regards to the medical condition PSE can be found here

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