Technical Assessment (QC) SD, HD and 4K

Different broadcasters in Australia and around the world have different and changing technical requirements. Workflows are becoming increasingly file based which brings new challenges to Quality Control. Our Technical Assessment team will guide you through these requirements, based on the most exacting of standards, leaving your media acceptable for broadcast on just about any platform.

‘Not only will Silver Trak Digital quality control the content of files, but also ensure the integrity of the file is sound and the file is playable on most known file players/systems, now and in the foreseeable future. This is a unique service not offered by any other company is Australia.

Changes in audio levelling from quasi PPM audio metering utilised in broadcast to Loudness Based audio levelling as well as other ongoing changes brings new challenges to Technical Assessment worldwide. Silver Trak Digital can not only assess your programs (tape or file) for these challenging changes, but fix audio discrepancies during the QC process.

Our Technical Assessment staff are widely credited with setting the standard for QC and technical assessment in Australia. They have worked with both local and international distributors in creating the benchmarks for technical assessment for both HD and SD programs.

We provide our clients with the highest QC standards for every project and we stand firmly behind our products. We offer Technical Assessment Services to suit every workflow and deliverable requirements.

Silver Trak Digital is a preferred supplier of Technical Assessment services for BBC in Australasia.

Analyse your video content and comply with the flash and pattern guidelines with Harding Flash Pattern Analysis Solution

Why use a Netflix Preferred Fulfilment Partner?

  • Netflix Preferred Fulfilment Partner are an elite group of carefully vetted and certified facilities
  • Selected to provide superior quality support services geared specifically to Netflix program preparation.
  • Required to adhere to a rigorous performance standard.
  • NPFPs are a key component to efficient and cost-effective Netflix asset deliveries from content providers.

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