Media Localisation

As a provider of aggregation, QC and delivery services to some of the biggest names in film and television our localisation services bring your content to your markets.

Our services include:

Closed Captioning:

Give your content complete understanding for all with closed captions. Our team of transcribers and our advanced QC technology can quickly and easily add captions to your audio track. Bring the content enjoyment to all, whether deaf, hard of hearing or difficulty in understanding accents.


The art of adding text to audio-visual media that makes sense and expresses the sensitivity of the visual content. A picture paints a thousand words, but having words explains the emotion.

Silver Trak Digital together with our skilled partners deliver high-grade locally sensitive, culturally aware, foreign language subtitles in 60+ languages making your movie of series relevant to your valued audience.


Utilising professional talent and directors our Dubbing capability encompasses multiple languages and dialects bringing your content into an expected reality of voice and audio.

Whether studio-based recording or home-based recording our technical innovation and creative, talented project teams deliver the best quality dubbing, with attention to body expression and lip syncing to make the audience experience a subliminal viewing. Syncing expertise with animation and graphic presentations.

70+ Dubbing Studios – 30+ Dubbing Languages – multiple Adapters, Directors and Voice Actors.

Note: Silver Trak digital was one of 50 founding members of the Entertainment Globalisation Association (EGA). EGA is primarily focused on four areas; outreach to the creative community, education and professional development, creating technical and interoperable standards, and conducting impact studies and consumer insights with regards to localisation.

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