Digital Cinema Mastering & Management

DCP Mastering and Logistics for cinema releases

Our Services include:
  • DCP Creation in 2D and 3D
  • DCDM Production
  • DCP to File Conversions
  • KDM Generation for secure DCP Deliveries
  • DCP Duplication and Distribution Services

Since 2009, Silver Trak Digital has been mastering Digital Cinema in our fully DCI-compliant DVS Clipster suite: the fastest, most reliable solution on the market.

We handle all kinds of projects including 3D feature films, multi-lingual subtitled releases and quick turnaround commercial work.

What is a DCP:

DCP is an abbreviation for a Digital Cinema Package. Put simply, a DCP is a collection of files (picture, sound, subtitles and metadata) that a cinema server knows how to read and play back. A DCP is the digital equivalent of a film print.

DCPs have strict requirements in how they are created. These requirements are set out in the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI). At Silver Trak Digital we use the world leading, fully DCI-compliant DVS Clipster suite: the fastest, most reliable solution on the market.

Be mindful of cheap imitations. DCP Encoding and the DCI standard are both very complex and there is a lot that can go wrong. Cheap commercial software is only doing a rough conversion and you will not be viewing the DCP correctly. The industry standard DVS Clipster encodes a feature film up to 4 times real-time and lets us make all the essential checks necessary before performing a full cinema QC. Anything but DVS Clipster is a bad idea!

What is a DCDM:

DCDM is a Digital Cinema Distribution master. The DCDM provides the uncompressed master elements that enable the creation of the DCP.

What is a KDM:

KDM is an acronym for Key Delivery Message. A KDM is a special elecronic key that contains a code which unlocks an encrypted film.

Encryption is a security measure used to prevent films from being stolen and duplicated. DCPs are encrypted in a manner that allows them to be played only on a specific Digital Cinema Server at a pre-determined time. A KDM is sent to the projection site to unlock the DCP for the screening engagement. It is not a necesity to have a DCP encrypted.

Encryption and KDM management is however a common request, locking a DCP to nominated sites and release windows. We maintain 24 hour support, a detailed database of cinema sites and copy protection certificates as well as a reasonable pricing model to ensure that protecting your content doesn’t break your budget.

DCP Distribution Services:

We manage distribution to cinema through physical drives or digitally via satellite, with full tracking of your valuable content and library maintenance.

A DCP usually arrives at a cinema theatre on a CRU Hard-drive or USB Flash Drive. The DCP is ingested into the theatre’s Digital Cinema Server. Once verified, it is played off the server through a Digital Cinema Projector.

Post delivery management:

At Silver Trak Digital we archive all DCPs on LTO.

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