Content QC, Preparation and Packaging

Silver Trak Digital Is Your One Stop Digital Supply Chain

Format and Delivery to Specification:

For Foxtel, Netflix, Google Play, iTunes and other Video On Demand providers.
Silver Trak Digital was awarded the prestigious Netflix Preferred Vendor status because of our rigorous attention to details, fast service and quality conversion standards.
Netflix’s NPV program has been replaced by the Netflix Preferred Fulfilment Partner program from June 1, 2018 which Silver Trak Digital is part of.

Closed Captioning:

Closed Captioning, subtitling and Translation services in a multitude of languages.

Quality Control:

Evaluation to detect any video or audio anomalies, broadcast legality violations, and any other specific item requiring monitoring.

Project Management:

Our project management team oversees the fulfilment of your order from inception through delivery. With our experienced team, you will always have a point of contact to keep you informed on the progress of your order.

Encoding and Transcoding:

We work with all source formats and create metadata, captions, multilingual subtitles/audio dub tracks and deliver media in virtually all desired codec(s) in any format wrapper.

Digital Delivery:

Silver Trak Digital’s gigabit pipe coupled with Aspera and other available high-speed file transfer options get your job delivered quickly.

Silver Trak Digital is the preferred aggregator for Foxtel for all Australian produced content.

Silver Trak Digital stores, conforms and delivers all ABC Content Sales’ content worldwide.

Why use a Netflix Preferred Fulfilment Partner?

  • Netflix Preferred Fulfilment Partner are an elite group of carefully vetted and certified facilities
  • Selected to provide superior quality support services geared specifically to Netflix program preparation.
  • Required to adhere to a rigorous performance standard.
  • NPFPs are a key component to efficient and cost-effective Netflix asset deliveries from content providers.

Netflix Post Partner Program

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