Media Room

Media Room by Silver Trak Digital provides one of the most advanced asset management solutions available as a SaaS platform. Conceived and built in 2012, Media Room was influenced by Silver Trak’s 30 years of media experience and designed incorporating client requirements and expectations.

Creating production content in the digital environment has been the single most innovative change since television. Recording and creating content has never been easier than with the advancement of high definition digital cameras.

With innovation comes challenge.

More content means more files to search for the required data; developing camera technology means difficult format parity for distribution; growing file sizes means sharing and delivery delays across limited bandwidths – and scariest of all – digital files and open internet content means security problems, corruption, hacking, loss and theft.

Media Room powers continuous development, investigating and reflecting the most up to date technology and software advances. Our development teams’ continued efforts to always improve technologies with enhancements like AI, facial recognition, live logging, live capture and other advances means that our platform grows with innovation and users are never affected by complacency.


Simply drag and drop files to upload your files. Aspera will accelerate the transfer to our cloud. Media Room provides a rapid transcoding service and accepts all common broadcast file formats, including MXF and ProRes.

Media Room has a flexible permissions capability so you can give suppliers a login with permission to Upload only. Or, for trusted suppliers, invite them with full permissions to use Media Room as a collaboration tool.

File integrity is guaranteed through the use of Baton technology, which provides automatic quality checking on files as they are loaded or transcoded.

Populating your Media Room is generally free as is the creation of Media Room proxies.


Stream your content directly from the cloud to viewers using any internet-enabled desktop, tablet or smart phone device, anywhere in the world. The viewer’s browser will automatically provide the optimal viewing experience.

Through a world leading Content Delivery Network, the Media Room experience is superior whether you are viewing files in Europe, Asia. USA or Australia.


Media Room offers secure, redundant storage. Files are stored on a mix of fast spinning discs and LTO6 and held in a secure state of the art data center. Files stored in Media Room are available anywhere, any time.

Storage in Media Sphere™ is fully elastic and can be increased immediately when required. No need to invest in expensive storage solutions, no capital expenditure, no cost for electricity and future technology upgrades.


Create a “Delivery” to send content to colleagues, clients and other stakeholders anywhere, anytime streamlining the process of collaboration and communication. When you deliver content, recipients will be sent a unique link to the file or files. This allows Media Room to record individual user views and downloads. This information is visible to you on the delivery report to enable you to track receipt of files and follow up as needed.

We use Aspera technology to accelerate the transfer of files to and from Media Room. Unlike standard in-browser transfers, Aspera provides reliable, resumable transfers at full speed over long distances.


In Media Room all your valuable content will be stored and managed in one central location. You can create additional rooms to segregate files according to Production Name, Department, Brand or similar. Users can then have access to one room or several rooms.

Searching is easy; search on any part of a file name, extension or custom ID tag. You can enter any descriptive metadata tags and make them searchable as well.

Stars and flags makes organising your files and communicating with other users simple and easy.


The ‘Campaign’ feature replaces DVDs in any publicity campaign. Campaigns can be viewed on any internet enabled device, including mobiles and tablets, in the office or on the bus. 

Incorporating database tools, mail merge tags, ability to upload posters/photos/synopsis as well as passcode protection, it is now easy to create exciting, beautifully presented campaigns, to an audience of 10 or 1,000. And all done in a matter of minutes.

After sending your campaign, sit back and monitor the response online, in real time.

Contact us for more information about using custom and ‘on demand’ watermarks in your campaigns.

Enhanced Media Storage, Management and Delivery resides on Media Sphere™. Learn More

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