DVD Replication

For runs of over 500 DVDs, we recommend utilising our DVD Replication (Pressing) service which requires more time to produce than DVD Duplication, however is the most economical method and features high quality Screen printing or Off-set printing. For runs below 500 please use our DVD Duplication services which do not have/require a minimum order.

    For replication runs of over 500 DVDs:

  • Minimum order of 500
  • DVD 5 — record up to 4.7GB (single layer, single sided)
  • DVD 9 — record up to 8.5GB (dual layer, single sided)
  • DVD10 – 2 x DVD5, one on each side – disc needs to be turned over
  • Glass master created from DVD/ DVD-R / DLT master supplied by client
  • High resolution CMYK or PMS screen offsetprinting onto DVD (film/plates set up required)
  • Packaging cases to enhance presentation
  • Printing of booklets and inserts
  • Hand Packing of DVDs / Inserts into cases
  • Shrink Wrapping or Cello Wrapping

Please contact us for additional information.

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