Disc Direct Mailers

Silver Trak Digital have developed a new inventive product to enable our customers an efficient and cost effective way to do direct mail campaigns. Benefits of using CD/DVD Direct Mailers:

  • Big Savings in Postage cost compared to other traditional CD/DVD mailing methods
  • Market your brand on the Direct Mailer
  • Safe method to ship your discs

Direct Mail is a fast, efficient and cost effective marketing tool. Response and penetration rates to marketing campaigns have shown to increase with the inclusion of digital media components compared to traditional mail campaigns.

We work with Australia Post and mailing house partners to ensure you get the best service and delivery times.


CD/DVD Direct Mailer applications

  • Promotional CDs and DVDs
  • Corporate and Government Training Tools
  • Mail order catalogues
  • Travel Promotions
  • Software updates
  • Catalogues and many more.

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