Silvertrak Digital has perhaps Australia’s largest disc duplication facility. We provide clients with a total solution service for any run quantity. CD Burning offers quickest turnaround with no minimum order quantity. CD Replication (also called CD ‘Pressing’) offers the lowest pricing for large runs, any run quantity from 500 (minimum) up to 500,000.

Our services also include a wide range of packaging options, together with printing of booklets and inlays.

CD Duplication

For the quickest turnaround of any quantity (no minimum) of CDs, we recommend utilising our CD Duplication service, combining premium quality with rapid turnaround. We operate a large duplication system, enhanced by in-line thermal, UV Cured Inkjet, Screen or Off-set printing to produce perfect CD-ROM and CD-Audio.


CD Packaging

Silver Trak Digital has a large number of packaging options available for CD and DVD presentation and distribution.


CD Replication

For runs of over 500 CDs, we recommend utilising our CD Replication service which requires more production time than CD Duplication. However Replication is the most economical method and features high quality Screen or Off-set printing.


CD Mailers

Silver Trak Digital have developed a new inventive product to enable our customers an efficient and cost effective way to do direct mail campaigns.


CD Printing

Many of our clients utilise this service to burn their own CDs, using printed stock, which looks professional, reinforces corporate image and improves security. Depending on quantity and artwork specifications, the discs can be UV Cured Inkjet, Thermal, Screen or Off-set printed.


Artwork Templates

Click here to view and download our artwork templates.

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