Module 1: Ready Now

Media Library and Distribution Module

Main Features:

  • Secure, redundant storage
  • Search using metadata tags
  • Unique functionality requiring minimal training
  • Share proxies/screeners, deliver files at any bitrate and size anywhere anytime
  • Full security and accountability
  • Upload files to Media Room via Silver Trak Digital’s Aspera
  • Automated transcoding to a minimum of 5 proxies
  • Automated data selection for viewing in browser enabling superior viewing experience irrespective of viewing device orinternet speed
  • Access the Activity Summary Page showing new media files, flags and comments
Module 2: Ready Now

Upload/Customised Delivery Rooms/ Attaching Unstructured Data

Main Features:

  • Upload files directly into your Upload Room
  • Customise Delivery Rooms
  • Customise Delivery Rooms emails
  • Create email groups
  • Attach additional files from your desktop, e.g. pdf/jpeg/psd/ audio and other files to the Delivery Room
  • Scan for viruses
Module 3: Ready April/May 2014

Trandscode and Standards/Frame Rate Conversion Module

Main Features:

  • Transcode from a stored file to any file format or standard/frame rate using AmberFin iCR or Snell Alchemist 3Gbps Ph.C HD Motion compensated Standards Converter with Snell FileFlow™
  • Automated quality checks
Module 4: Ready End Q2, 2014

Dailies Module

Main Features:

  • Fast ingest and transcodes of time-sensitive media files, including watermarking for security
  • Access the new ‘Dailies Room’ for a constantly updating “river” of files arranged in a timeline
  • View update notifications in the Dailies Room
  • Add comments and approvals to the Dailies Room
  • Access custom production management reports showing who has viewed which dailies plus all comments and approvals

After initial release, and based on client feedback and priorities, the dailies system would gain –

  • Plugins for Avid, FCP and Premiere to enable export to a Dailies Room directly from the timeline
  • A native iOS application permitting automated download and caching of clips
  • 2 factor authentication for security (SMS)
Module 5: Ready TBA

Storage of Unstructured Data

Main Features:

  • Store all types of files
  • Upload directly into folders
  • Search on file name and file type
  • Scan for viruses
Extras: Coming in 2014

Other Features


  • Customised watermarking ‘on the go’
  • Customised meta tags
  • APIs
  • Customisation

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