How do I get my files into Media Room?

You can drag and drop any video file directly into your Media Room, through the Upload Room page. We will accelerate delivery of the file into Media Sphere™ where immediate transcoding of at least 5 proxies will take place to ensure superior playback on all devices. There is no cost to you for this upload but we do suggest that uploaded master mezzanine files undergo a Baton Quality Check to ensure the integrity of the file. Cost for a Baton QC report is only $5.00 ex GST. The report will ‘live’ with your file in Media Room and can be accessed anytime.

What if my internet speed or my client’s internet speed is slow?

If the issue is slow internet speed, then Media Room is perfect for you. We use 1Gbs+ Aspera to accelerate the delivery to and from Media Room. If electronic delivery is not possible, Silver Trak Digital can offer alternative, more traditional delivery methods, including video tape or delivery on HDD.

When I send a file, how do I know it has been delivered or viewed?

Each recipient in a Delivery Room receives a unique link to access the file(s). Media Room will send an email notification to the Delivery Room creator when:

  • A file has been viewed or downloaded.
  • The Delivery Room is expiring in 24 hours and one or several recipients have not yet accessed or viewed the file(s).
  • A Delivery Room is expired, with a full report of activities.
Can I send Broadcast files as well?

You can send files in any bitrate – as many files to as many recipients as you like.

Surely a system like this is unaffordable?

The basic cost of Media Room is very affordable and includes up to Module 3. Module 4 and 5 is an additional cost. All other services are on a ‘pay per use’ basis. Essentially you will have close to a million dollars worth of equipment and technology at your fingertips.

Can people steal my files?

Silver Trak Digital is committed to the MPAA Site Security Program that began in 2011. Security measures, in line with MPAA Best Practice, are being implemented within the organisation at all levels. Your files are stored in MPAA accredited data centres and Aspera is approved by MPAA as a secure delivery method. Media Room is a B2B system and we assume you will be engaging with other broadcasters, distributors and similar organisations hence piracy is unlikely. Every ‘transaction’ within Media Room is documented throughout the system. If we observe unauthorized activity we will alert you immediately.

Is it hard to use?

We have deliberately created a user friendly, intuitive interface that ‘just makes sense’!

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