Introducing Media Room 3 (MR3)

A completely remodelled application re-enabling the brilliant security and management features from the original and combining it with a brand new hosted platform, in-cloud content transfer and 2020 technology features enabling and delivering greater user controlled content management.

Moving from a concept of Room hosted content MR3 captures content by project allowing content to be held in single project category or dispersed across multiple projects, with powerful search options including designated tagging to not only locate the media content, but providing link all associated collateral.

In addition the MR3 security features have been boosted with two factor authentication and a DRM hosting environment. These features together with higher end user controls such as frame rate accuracy, Proxy configuration for output, voice to text capture, facial and logo recognition and external user upload nomination are but a few of the new facilities making the overall experience more about content management and use and less about simply storing.

Enhancement to MR3 doesn’t end there, the “road map” for future developments continues to traverse new technology highways and will grow more down the path of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our technology developers and key personnel are industry experts who live the media industry with a focus well beyond simply the product to ensure that Silver Trak Digital clients get true value out of features and not just shiny objects.

For your entry into the world of Media Room 3 simply get in touch with  or click on the Request a Demo button below.

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